What's NExt?

  1. Union organizers will be coming to family childcare providers' doors to get them to sign union authorization cards. Most organizers are paid by the union and may be flown in from out of state. They are trained to get signatures, stay for a long time, and not take "no" for an answer.

  2. If someone asks you to sign something, make sure you know what you are signing. If you sign an authorization card, you are saying yes to childcare unionization and are giving AFSCME permission to be your EXCLUSIVE representative regarding family childcare issues. It could also enroll you as a dues-paying member.

  3. AFSCME needs to present 500 signed cards to the state to acquire the full list of all eligible voters. Only those who have received a CCAP payment in the 12 months before an election will be eligible to vote.
    *Please note that the Bureau of Mediation Services, which will be handling the election, has refused to clarify who will be able to vote. DHS had stated that the list would be based on registrations, not payments. For now, please register to accept CCAP.*

  4. If AFSCME submits authorization cards signed with approximately 3800 signatures (30% of the voting "unit"), there will be a mail-ballot election.

  5. Ballots will be mailed out to eligible voters and must typically be returned within a few weeks. Only the returned ballots count, so if 1000 ballots are cast and 501 vote YES to unionize, unionization passes.

However, two lawsuits will be refiled if and when AFSCME petitions for an election. They will seek injunctions to prevent an election and to invalidate the law in federal court: Saville v. Dayton and Parrish v. Dayton.




You can hang signs against unionization on your property. Download a sign HERE

You can require anyone on your property to show ID, including union organizers.

You can refuse to answer the door as children should be your first priority.

You can ask them to leave or to return later.

You can call the police if they refuse to leave or misrepresent themselves.

You can record your conversation and don't have to inform them that you're recording.


You do NOT need to sign the card to get a ballot or "get more information."

You do NOT need to sign the card for the food program, grants, licensing, or CCAP eligibility.

If you signed a unionization card...

..you can get it back. If they do not respond within a few days, please let us know and we can contact them on your behalf.
"I hereby revoke membership in AFSCME/CCPT. Please remove me from any list showing support for your union and return my card immediately."
AFSCME Council 5
Attn: Adrienne Kern
300 Hardman Avenue South Suite #2
South Saint Paul, MN  55075

Sign a de-authorization petition

Even if you didn't sign a card, PLEASE sign a de-authorization petition. This cancels out any card you signed and can be used to decertify the union through an election (30% of eligible providers would need to sign). These are only good for 6 months, so please make sure you update it and send it to the Coalition address listed:
One provider      
Multiple providers